About Us

Sandy was raised in the country working cattle, building fence, gardening, and riding horses as early as 4 years old. Having all kinds of animals on the ranch, she grew up loving and understanding them. Eitan before joining the Israeli Military at age 18, spent the prior 4 years in agriculture school experiencing in a range of farm work including milk cows, orchards of different kinds, bees, cutting hay with a Scythe, gardening, and driving a range of different John Deere tractors.

The passion for photography was always in my heart. In my twenties and just starting life, I spent some of my weekends on roller blades with a camera in my hands snapping photos of everything that came in my way. That was 1986 when I bought my first camera, yes the one you take pictures and wait forever for the film to be developed. I have to admit it was special waiting for the pictures and getting them placed in an album after picking them up at the drug store near by. Life had another plan for me and it was not photography in the next 30 years, but was all that made it possible for me to be engaged with it today.

It's not until 2015 when photography came back into my life in a big way. Being patient, having dedication, a lot of discipline, and belief pays off. It takes you right back to what you love to do when circumstances in life changes and allows you to do it. Texas Longhorns reignited this passion for photography by capturing the stunning beauty of those majestic animals. The special moments my wife and I had spending with them was something I wanted to memorize and share with others. Soon after, I started capturing Sunsets and Sunrises, Texas wildflowers, landscape, and more.

I see the world as a happy and beautiful place. I love to share what I see through my eyes with others, knowing this special capture will bring a smile to someone's face is my biggest joy. I'v been blessed beyond imagination to have the time and ability given by God to capture Natures Beauty. I truly believe it is a moral obligation to be happy so that we can effect peoples life in a positive way and adding images made it even greater.

Our Longhorn journey began in 2015 when we bought two Momma cows with a heifer and a bull calf and immediately fell in love with the " TEXAS LONGHORNS." Along the way we fell in love with the Longhorn family and have met so many wonderful people that have helped us understand this amazing historic breed. We try to attend as many Longhorn events as life is allowing us, it is always a great enjoyment to meet new breeders and share experiences and knowledge with each other.

We spend a good amount of time with our herd, our Longhorns are very gentle and will eat out of your hands. We feel the importance to have calm and easy going Longhorns for us and our buyers. They have a happy life and that reflects on how easy it is to work them and view them at the ranch. Today we are inspired to breed for the full package - Pedigree, Conformation, Color, Horns, and Disposition...all are equally important in seeking exceptional Longhorns.    We strongly believe in pasture breeding and exploring some possibilities to AI in the future.

We are very blessed to be surrounded by wonderful breeders who affect the breed and us in a positive way and are thankful for the opportunity to raise Longhorns. Every day we learn something new and always keep an open mind for new ideas to improve our breeding program. The passion for photography has developed with raising those magnificent animals for showing how beautiful they truly are.

SE Longhorn Ranch is located in the Texas Hill Country between Fredericksburg and Mason, at Mason County. We are blessed with abundance of Texas Bluebonnets and Texas Wild Flowers in the Spring time and a half hour drive from the wine country and tourist destination city of Fredericksburg. With both of us having some experience in agriculture and farming with the love for out in the country life, we immediately started looking for a ranch after meeting each other in 2009. Three and a half years later we finally found and purchased our dream ranch in 2013, which led the path to raising Longhorns.

Ranching was God's gift to our life together and a lifelong goal we both had. With all the prior experience in farming we looked for "SOMETHING SPECIAL" to fulfill our ag exemption responsibility and found the Longhorns at our neighbors early 2015. The more we learned about Longhorns the more we fell in love with them and found ourselves spending time with the herd countless hours. We enjoy each and every one of them. Learn more at SE Longhorn Ranch.